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Citizens Journalist Award

February 3, 2011

Citizens Journalist Award

We at IBN18 Network are delighted to announce the 3rd edition of the very prestigious, path breaking, editorial initiative – the ‘Citizen Journalist Awards’ this month.

We wish to congratulate you on winning the prestigious Citizen Journalist Award in the category of Fight For Her Right.

About the awards:

‘Be the Change, you want to see’, is the motto of Citizen Journalist on the IBN18 Network. We take pride in sharing that the Citizens of our country have truly proved their mettle and have shown courage and determination to cross all barriers. The energy, effort and enthusiasm of our Citizen Journalists have been truly remarkable. Their stories have created impact, not just solving their personal problem, but also setting a trend for society where the Citizen doesn’t remain a passive player.

Fight for her Right

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  1. shah kamal permalink
    February 11, 2011 6:32 pm

    u hav takem a gud step………..this should be done in order to save girls………

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