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These women are all girl power

March 20, 2011

These women are all girl power

Mitu Khurana

When my babies hadn’t even entered the world, their end was already being planned by my relatives who didn’t want girl children. They illegally obtained information about the sex of my babies while I was still pregnant and I was pressurized to have an abortion. I wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

However since the case has progressed, I have grown extremely frustrated by the system and the authorities, who promise justice and deliver none. If not for the support of my parents and my twin babies, I don’t know how I would continue on.

If any change should come about this Women’s Day, I hope for a system that’s kinder to women and not just one that says it is. I have, over the years, received support from several people on days like these and when my cause was highlighted, but I do sometimes still feel all alone. It is my dearest dream to bring around the justice I’ve been seeking for my children as soon as possible.

Khurana is the first woman in Delhi to file a case against her husband and in-laws under the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PNDT) Act. Her case is currently being contested in Delhi courts

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  1. June 26, 2011 8:35 pm

    This sad and horrible story is not only yours but of a million Indian mothers.It makes my blood boil when I find educated people,even doctors,supporting female feticide and similar crimes!How can a so called human be so inhuman,so ferocious!How can a court take so long to give justice to a person like you,who is fighting for such an important and right cause,against the red handed culprits,who don’t even need any proof!Our Govt boasts of being considerate to women causes,providing reserved seats in colleges,buses,trains etc,advertising about the severe punishment for the doctors going for Ultrasound sex determination tests,but why don’t they pay any heed now,when you are a perfect example of this case and deserve full justice?The culprits who kill the infants so mercilessly are murderers of nth degree and should be HANGED.

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