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‘Indians Want Women as Deities and Wives but not as Daughters’

April 1, 2011

‘Indians Want Women as Deities and Wives but not as Daughters’

The preference for male children is common in many parts of the world.

It’s the strongest in China and India.

According to a recent UNICEF report, nearly 50 million girls are missing from India’s population as a result of gender discrimination.

The problem is increase due to scientific ways of detecting the sex of a baby and abortions becoming safer.

As Bismillah Geelani reports from New Dehli a campaign has been launched to turn things around…

At New Delhi’s Parliament Street, dozens of paintings hang on fence along the footpath.

One of them shows a girl sweeping the floor, washing dishes and serving her brother as he studies.

The slogan on another reads “Girls are the nation’s soul don’t kill them”.

A group of men and women dressed in black are stand nearby, singing:

“If you are alive believe in the victory of life, if there are heavens somewhere bring them down to the earth, you are alive.”

They are students and social activists marching for India’s vanishing baby girls.

Amongst them is Meetu Khurana, a doctor.

“What we are seeing is that the government is trying to protect the guilty.”

An estimated one million girls are killed in India every year either before or soon after birth.

The practice has been happening in some parts of India for a very long time. But in the last two decades with Ultrasounds more parents are opting for abortions after knowing the sex of their baby.

Vijay Laxmi Nanda is coordinator of the Camping Against Pre-birth Elimination of Females

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  1. April 1, 2011 4:35 am

    It may come reality some time, India can have only men and eunuchs!
    -kulamarva balakrishna

  2. savedaughters19 permalink
    April 3, 2011 1:25 am

    Who is responsible for declining sex ratios .Whose Defeat will it be

    Today when the entire country is celebrating the world cup, I am thinking of the one war which our country is losing. Today when everyone is happy, I am not happy. Today when on one side we saw how our team fought to give us this sense of pride, how our government and its staff is doing everything possible to make us hang our heads in shame . Today there was supposed to be an emergency meeting to decide how to check the falling sex ratios. Everyone must have come, discussed some points, had tea, discussed the match and then gone home.

    One thing being said is that the P.C-P.N.D.T act is being ineffective that’s why the sex ratios are falling. When the accused under the act know that there will be no action against them, and the government is there to save them, then they will continue the illegal activities. The well meaning officials from our government say the act has failed so the act needs to be changed. May I know without implementation how can any act be supposed to be effective? May I know how can the act achieve anything, if the implementers themselves do not want to implement it.

    I am a complainant under the P.N.D.T act as my husband and in-laws wanted me to abort my twin daughters after a sex determination test done fraudulently on me. I filed many complaints with NCW, DCW, health minister, C.D.M.O, etc and in fact… met the chairperson NCW personally too to help me . Till date I have not received any help from them. Not once they have tried to raise the issue. If they only want to speak in front of media, and not do anything when a woman who is trying to fight the menace of female feticide alone, than their words mean nothing.

    It was established very early in the case that the necessary records were not maintained in my case. It was also established very early in the case that the gynecologist had asked for only a ultrasound of only my Kidneys Ureter and bladder, but the radiologist had done a full fetal scan. But rather than taking action against the accused, every government official has tried to persuade me from withdrawing my complaints against the doctor, hospital, and my husband and in-laws.

    In-fact one government official asked me to give my husband a son if that’s what he desires and not to spoil my life by filling a complaint under the P.N.D.T act. Since past 3 years I have been fighting alone to save my daughters and the fight is not only against my husband and in laws but also against these very officials who in front of media talk big, but otherwise harass any woman who dares to speak out.

    I am still under a lot of pressures to withdraw my cases. I have spent endless hours meeting the ministers begging for their help. The only things which I have got are pressures to withdraw my cases. It has been established that I am the first woman in this country to file a case against my husband and in laws under the P.N.D.T act. The amount of pressures being put on me, many threats, delays meant to discourage me, attempts to harm my daughters, everything makes me think am i fighting this system which in front of media speaks so loudly that they want to save daughters , and behind the curtains force any woman who dares to speak out to withdraw.

    I am carrying on the fight till I can. I am continuing the fight till I have the last bit of strength in me, but please note, in case I withdraw the reason will be only one- NO ONE CAME FORWARD TO HELP ME. THE VERY PEOPLE WHO ARE SHOWING THEIR CONCERN FOR THE DECLINING SEX RATIOS ASKED ME TO WITHDRAW MY CASES AND SIT PEACEFULLY AT HOME. It is a very difficult fight for an alone woman- to fight the whole system.

    I tried for three years, and none of the so saying politicians, authorities or systems supposed to protect women have come to my aid. Rather they all stood up against me, with the accused. If I am fighting this case it is not because I gain anything out of this. I am fighting this only and only because I do not want my daughters to go through what ever I went through during my pregnancy. I Have put my entire life at stake to fight this case. I am not going to get a single penny from this case , only the satisfaction that perhaps I really did make a differance, that perhaps I am not like many of those in power, who just speak when the census comes out and otherwise do not care a hell.

    If I withdraw my complaints under all the pressures, it will not be my loss, but the loss of this system…. who could not give me justice. It will be the defeat of this nation who just did not care ….

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