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The face of gendercide

January 28, 2012

The face of gendercide

A month ago, I posted (“Gen XY and the war on women”) on 163 million missing girls and women, aborted specifically because they were female.

But 163 million is such a hard number to get your mind around.

I could tell you that if you put 30 little girls in a classroom, put that classroom in a school of fifty classrooms, each filled with thirty little girls, and put that school in a district of 50 schools that size, it would take 2,173 of those school districts to accommodate all those girls.

I could tell you that last summer the U.S. Census Bureau was forecasting that, by comparison, we would have a mere 55.5 million children enrolled in pre-K through 12th grade in this country in 2011-2012.

Or I can introduce you to Dr. Mitu Khurana, 35, a New Delhi pediatrician and the mother of six-year-old twin girls.

When she was six weeks pregnant, Dr. Khurana learned that she was carrying twins. Her husband and parents-in-law immediately began pressuring her to get an ultrasound to learn the sex of the babies. Dr. Khurana refused. (Though widely practiced, sex determination during an ultrasound is illegal in India, because of their epidemic of sex-selection abortions: More than 700 babies are aborted in India each day simply because they are female.)

Dr. Khurana says her brother-in-law then brought her a cake made with eggs, to which she is allergic. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was seen–though brought in with an allergic reaction, and only 16 weeks pregnant–by a gynecologist. In a delivery room. The doctor ordered an ultrasound of her kidney, which determined that she was carrying girls.

The pressure to have an abortion intensified. And once she was home, Dr. Khurana says, her husband and parents-in-law began depriving her of food, hoping to make her miscarry. She eventually fled to her parents’ house, and later gave birth to her daughters.

full story

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