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Woman Saves Her Twins From India’s Feticide

February 12, 2013

Woman Saves Her Twins From India’s Feticide


In February of 2005, Dr. Mitu Khurana discovered she was pregnant with twins. Immediately her mother-in-law demanded that she undergo tests to discover whether the babies were boys or girls. Mitu refused. She knew she would love her children no matter what sex they were. She also knew that if it was discovered that they were girls, her husband and in-laws would relentlessly pressure her to abort.
Even though having an ultrasound to discover the sex of the baby with the intent of aborting if it is a girl is illegal, the practice remains rampant in India. It is estimated that nearly 50,000 girls are aborted every month. It is difficult to know how many baby girls are also abandoned or murdered after they are born. As a result, Indian men now outnumber women by nearly 40 million!

Why in the world would a nation do such a thing to itself? The answer is money. Indian tradition demands that the parents of a daughter pay a huge dowry to get her married. Many families feel they cannot pay the steep price which is expected. Therefore, they abort their girl babies in hopes of a son.

Mitu Khurana was one woman who fought back. When she refused to submit to the testing to determine the gender of her babies, her family brought down such pressure upon her that it almost amounted to torture. They denied her food and water in their attempt to break down her will.

Finally one night her husband served her a cake made with eggs, to which she is extremely allergic. Her reaction was so severe that Mitu had to be rushed to the hospital. While there, her in-laws persuaded a doctor to test for the sex of the babies. To their great dismay, both were girls.

The pressure to abort her daughters became intense. If not both, then at least one had to go. Or, if not abortion, then she should give them away for adoption. When Mitu stood her ground, her husband demanded that she take a paternity test, refusing to believe that he could be the father of twin daughters. Finally, in a fit of rage, he through her out of the house and she returned to her parents.
In August of 2005, Mitu gave birth two months prematurely. In an attempt to save her marriage, she returned to her husband’s home. After four months of being ignored and disdained, she witnessed her mother-in-law push one of the babies down the stairs. In fear for their lives, she fled.

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