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The Woman Who Had Fought For Defending Her Twin Girls And Had Showed New Hopes To All The Mothers of Girl Children

June 14, 2017

The Woman Who Had Fought For Defending Her Twin Girls And Had Showed New Hopes To All The Mothers of Girl Children

The world has progressed a lot, people have reached to the moon and in a few centuries, they may create a base over there. Yet, the gender equality according to some of the family has remained the same. The people are still hoping for a boy-child to continue their dynasty. Thus, the lives of the girl child are often taken even before they are born. The act of female feticide is still very common in many parts of the country. Although the Gender Testing prior to the birth is illegal these days, still the statistics are showing that female feticide is taking almost half a million lives of the girl child before they are even born in this country every year.

Dr. Mitu Khurana is an excellent example that the gender discrimination is not only restricted to the rural parts of the country. The gender discrimination is also present in the urban area, among the privileged class of the society. Dr. Khurana is married to a respected doctor. Yet, her husband and his family had tried to kill her twin daughters before they are born.  Dr. Khurana, with the help of her own family, had fought for the right of her own daughters. Her act of courage has inspired thousands of mothers to take a stand for their unborn girl children.

The Early Life of Dr. Mitu Khurana

Dr. Mitu Khurana was born in a doctor family. She and her sister were the much wanted and much loved daughters of their parents. Their parents wanted their children to be the girls and thus they were bought with much love and care. Thus, her life was smooth and sheltered prior to her marriage. Eventually, Dr. Khurana had gotten married to an orthopedic surgeon. From the very first, she felt unwelcomed by her husband and his family in her new home. She had to face taunts for not bringing enough dowries from her parent’s house. Over the time, the situation didn’t change, it had gotten worsened.

Her Fight for her unborn girl children

As soon as she became pregnant her husband and in-laws had initiated to know the gender of the fetus. A soon as his husband’s family came to know about the twin girls, they wanted her to get rid of them. Even after tolerating the abuse, Dr. Khurana had tried to make the situation right. She had wanted her parents-in-law and husband to accept the girls and to give them the love that the babies deserved. One day her husband had pushed her from the stairs and locked her in the room afterward so that she might lose her precious daughters. After that, she had called her own father, who had demanded to bring her home.

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